Saturday, September 26, 2009


The Bible itself is the story of humanity from it's very Genesis in the Garden of Eden, through its expansionistic years and eventual near destruction, through the Tower of Babel and Sodom and Gomorrah, to the building of the house of Isreal, its' multiple near destructions, and finally Christ, our Lord and Savior. This constant struggle with righteousness and evil, a struggle that humanity unwittingly signed up for, has defined our world, according to a Christian, Jew, Satanist, or Muslim, ever since. It's also, in the form of human heroism and overcoming our frail nature, defined us, as all adventure and mischief also comes from this way. The last book in the bible foretells what is going to happen, but in the meantime, what of today? And what of the nearly 2000 years since the bible stopped recording?

I believe God and Holy Spirit have been very at work in these last 2000 years, and Christ too has worked through his servants. Even the things we hate and do not undersand tie in to a greater plan, a greater vision, the story of humanity itself. Our misery, our struggle, our victory, and happiness, they define us, and history is all about that which defines us. Even false history, if there is some truth in it, can push us forward and grant youth that which wastes its' foolish existence. Being a youth, I know exactly how lost I would be without my history, but with the Klondike, my geneology, America, Texas the birthplace of my mother and the Midwest the birthplace of my father, and my many relatives, I have found a grain of myself. And I certainly cannot be carried to heaven if there isn't a "me" to carry.

The contents of this blog are strictly fictional, but I believe that everything I write COULD be true and certainlly corroborates with scripture. Readers, if you see anything that is blatantly false, I ask you humbly and sincerely to tear it right off the walls, humiliate me, set me straight. But in any case, I hope you glean something from reading this, and as a community, can discuss the bigger ideas and meanings presented.

I welcome all viewpoints - indeed, I sincerely hope I get a lingering cloud of atheist joy pestering me throughout my miserable existence. Makes the blog more entertaining! =>